We help you realize ideas of Fibers. - SZPHOTON

SZPHOTON is a company that help optical designer and manufacturing field source Fiber optic components with budget and requirements.

We produce products according to clients request and response to market demand.

SZPHOTON will always evaluate your request base on application.And try to achieve a better pricing and producing plan for you.

Our products category covers Fiber Optic Plate,Fiber Optic Taper,Light Guides and other fiber imaging/lighting components.

Fingerprint reader base on Fiber Optic Plate

Xiaomi is applying Fiber Optic Plate as cover window on their latest cellphone model MI5.

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OLED displays Base on Fiber Optic Plate

The described application is useful for both top-emitting OLED devices and bottom-emitting OLED devices.

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