New era for Fingerprint Recognition

Fiber Optic Plate has became a new material for Cellphone fingerprint module. Unlike APPLE, who is using sapphire glass for it’s touch ID to protect the sensor inside. XIAOMI is using optical way for the fingerprint recognition, and FOP is optical window between finger and sensor.

“The device comprises a bottom fingerprint sensors and optical sensor provided in the terminal equipment of the cover glass; fingerprint identification circuit connected fingerprint sensor for fingerprint recognition sensor and the fingerprint information analysis and processing, obtain fingerprint analysis ; host processor, and an optical sensor and fingerprint identification circuit connections for the monitored optical sensor light information received to determine whether cover glass touch button operation; identity authentication based on fingerprint analysis results obtained fingerprint identification circuit.”-Xiaomi patent application”

Source: MyDrivers / Phonearena 

  • No focusing distance is required, allow for compact design.(e.g: mobile device)
  • Increased life expectancy for CCD and CMOS sensors
  • Extreme Low distortion and loss during transmission,which gives a more clear imaging result.
  • The FOP X CCD type recognition can identify the vein patent under skin
  • More economic than Sapphire glass, (About 2/3 of the sapphire cost)
When FOP meets Fingerprint Recognition on Cellphone

Simple illustration of FOP type Fingerprint Sensor

Fiber Optic Plate for Cellphone Fingerprint Recognition Module

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