Ceramics Glass with Higher Hardness than Sapphire Windows

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Japanese company OHARA has released a new product named “ClearGlassCeramics” on 16th Dec. It has a better hardness than sapphire glass.And it only takes 1/20 of cost compared with the sapphire glass.

According to the company,in the Fall Down Impact test,they used a steel ball to drop down from 1.27m. And no broken has been found on the new glass. And in Vickers hardness tester,they use a 4.9N(500gf) force on the contact point.Many crackles were found on sapphire glass but none on the new glass.

Generally speaking when the Crystal particle become bigger in the glass,the beam will be harder to pass through.Then it will be not appropriate to used in optical design. However OHARA has found new way to make the crystal particle as small as 6nm. And make it suitable for using in optical applications.

The new products will be used in the Sigma’s Camera as the cover glass of Camera Lens.