Tencent will release their Consumer VR devices in 2016

Tencent VR
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Tencent recently announced their VR SDK and developer supporting plan. Tencent is already ahead of Alibaba and Baidu in terms of VR technology.

According to the CTO of Tencent VR. Tencent will release the HMD sensor and screen on March of 2016. And HMD with battery on June. In the 3rd quarter of 2017,Tencent will integrate their Content (including games,movies,ads,social media) onto the VR community.And make something like Gear VR.

On the development stage,Tencent is also planning to transfer the HMD and SDK onto PC desktop.Because PC has a great Graph and Computing developing environment.

On the SDK level,Tencent plan to fulfill his plan by 3 steps.They’re  “User Experience” “Connection“ and  “Creation”.And finally will integrate social community like QQ and WECHAT.


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