Polarization Maintaining Fiber

Wavelength :
980 / 1310nm / 1550nm

Type :
Pandas / Bowtie / Elliptical

Mode Field Diameter :
3.0 / 6.0 / 6.5

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The polarization of light propagating in the fiber gradually changes in an uncontrolled (and wavelength-dependent) way, which also depends on any bending of the fiber and on its temperature. Specialised fibers are required to achieve optical performances, which are affected by the polarization of the light travelling through the fiber. Many systems such as fiber interferometers and sensors, fiber laser and electro-optic modulators, also suffer from Polarization-Dependent Loss (PDL) that can affect system performance. This problem can be fixed by using a specialty fiber so called PM Fiber.


  • Pure Silica Core
  • Standard
  • Photosensitive
  • Dispersion Compensating sensitive


  • Standard
  • Bend- and
  • Temperature-Insensitive

BowTie, PM Fiber, 1310nm~1550 nm

Pandas, PM Fiber, 980nm~1550nm

Pandas, PM Fiber, 1310nm~1550nm

Pandas, PM Fiber, 1310nm ~ 1550nm

40um Elliptical Cladding PM Fibers

60um Elliptical Cladding PM Fibers