Capillary Plate (CP)

  • High density pore (3um/4um/6um diameter)
  • Length Depth (L/D) up to 200
  • Open Area Ratio (OAR) up to 60-75%
  • Small Non-Linear Coeffcient
  • Very Weak Rayleigh Scattering

Capillary Plate (CP) are made of hollow fibers. Within each hollow fiber, there are Cladding,Core, and Air-gaps.

The air holes in the hollow-core fiber can act as a common channel for light and fluid at the same time, and the laser can have a strong direct interaction with the gas or liquid entering the interior of the hollow-core fiber. Moreover, the size of air holes in hollow-core fibers is generally in the range of several micrometers to tens of micrometers. The existence of microchannels not only avoids complex processing technology but also greatly reduces the consumption of samples. Therefore, hollow-core microstructure fibers are used in microfluidics. The detection has a very broad application prospect.

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