Capillary Plate (CP)

  • High density pore (3um/4um/6um diameter)
  • Length Depth (L/D) up to 200
  • Open Area Ratio (OAR) up to 60-75%
  • Small Non-Linear Coeffcient
  • Very Weak Rayleigh Scattering

Capillary Plates are composed of millions of tiny glass tubes or capillaries that are fused together to form a uniform and rigid structure.

The capillaries have hollow spaces inside them that allow fluids or gases to flow through.

The capillaries are oriented nearly perpendicular to the surface of the Capillary Plate, forming a honeycomb-like pattern.

The diameter of the capillaries can vary from micrometers to 150 micrometers or more, depending on the application.

The capillaries can adopt a circular or hexagonal shape, depending on the open area ratio (OAR) of the Capillary Plate. The OAR is the ratio of the total area of the channels to the total area of the Capillary Plates.

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