Fiber Optic Microwell(FOM)

  • High density array (3um/4um/6um diameter microchamber)
  • Perfect match for your optical reader and specimens
  • Higher Signal to Noise Ratio (by reducing stray light)

A microwell is a small depression or chamber that is used to hold small amounts of liquid, such as in a microtiter plate. These are commonly used in laboratory research and diagnostic testing, especially in the fields of biology and chemistry, to hold and manipulate small amounts of liquid samples. They can be used for a variety of applications, including cell culture, enzyme assays, and DNA/RNA purification.

It is easy for study on single living cell (e.g:mitochondria metabolic response), entrap cell into microwell for reading. Simple for experiment and highly reproducible.

For getting start with this product, we recommend get some of our stocked sample for understanding the performance.

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