Fiber and their applications

Different types of optical fiber and their applications are presented at a glance in this section.


Application  Optical Fiber
Telecommunication Multimode fiber (MMF)
Single-mode fiber (SMF)
Dispersion shifted fiber (DSF)
Polarisation maintaining fiber (PMF)
Mid infrared fiber
Ge doped fiber for Bragg grating filting
Plastic optical fibers
Multicore fiber
Supercontinuum sources Photonic crystal fiber (PCF)
Nonlinear material filled fiber
Micro structured optical fiber (MOF)
Chalcogenide step index fiber
Sensing application Multimode fiber 
Solid core photonic crystal fiber (SCPCF)
Hollow core photonic crystal fiber (HCPCF)
Polarisation maintaining fiber (PM)
Ge doped fiber for Bragg grating sensor
D-shaped fiber
Bare fiber
No core fiber
Fiber laser Erbium doped fiber (EDF)
Rare-earth-doped optical fiber 
Double clad fiber
Fiber amplifier Erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA)
Ytterbium doped amplifier fiber
Erbium-ytterbium doped fiber
Double clad fiber