Can you cut fiber optic light cable?

Can You Cut Fiber Optic Light Cable?

Yes, you can cut fiber optic light cables, but it requires precision and the right tools to ensure the integrity of the fiber for signal transmission. Cutting fiber optic cables is a common practice in both installation and repair of fiber optic networks.

Steps for Cutting Fiber Optic Cables

  1. Prepare the fiber optic cable by removing any protective covering or jacket.
  2. Use a fiber optic cleaver to make a precise, clean cut. The cleaver scores the fiber, allowing it to break cleanly at the desired point.
  3. After cutting, the fiber ends must be inspected for quality and then polished if necessary.

Important Considerations

  • Tools: Specialized tools such as fiber optic cleavers and strippers are essential for a clean cut.
  • Safety: Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from fiber shards.
  • Quality: A poor cut can lead to signal loss or reflection, significantly impacting the performance of the fiber optic cable.


Cutting fiber optic cables is a delicate process that requires precision and the right tools. While it is entirely possible to cut these cables, doing so without the proper technique and equipment can lead to poor performance or damage to the cable.

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