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Fiber Optic Bundle

Fiber Optic Bundle

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*This product requires customization, start from $100.
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Finalize the fiber bundle by providing only necessary information. Our team can assist you in determining the configuration based on your application context.

  • Fiber Type

    What kind of fiber you need to use in the Fiber optic bundle?

    # What we want to know

    1. The wavelength for your application?
    2. Is it for imaging, lighting or laser?
  • Fiber Layouts

    What's the layout you need for the fibers?

    # Options

    - Random Pattern (for lighting)

    - Arranged (Fused, for imaging and Low Precision)

    - V-Groove (High Precision)

  • Core Diameter / Cladding Diameter

    What's the core and cladding diameter you need for the fiber?

  • Numerical Aperture (N.A)

    Numerical Aperture is decided by the Refraction Index of Core and Cladding.

  • Fiber Count

    What's the fiber number you need to pack in the fiber bundle?

  • Fiber Length

    What's the length of the fiber bundle you will need?

  • Termination Options


    • SMA
    • FC
    • MPO


    • Steel Ferrule
    • Ceramic Ferrule

    Bare Fibers

    • Fused or Bonded Together

    Customized Connectors

  • Side A

    What's the termination you need on Side A?

  • Side B

    What's the termination you need on Side B?

  • Cable Jacket

    The external layer to protect the whole fiber bundle.


    - Silicone

    - Stainless Steel

  • Buffer Layer

    The Layer between Jacket and Raw Fibers.

Our Capability for Fiber Assembly

Fiber Drawing

We can do fiber drawing in-house. But in most of the case, we will use commercial available fibers to fulfill your products.

Fiber Layout

We can use customized mould to make layout for the fibers. (For example, you can make a hollow circle shape inside the fiber bundle)


We have the capability to produce customized connectors and ferrules, in addition to the standard SMA, FC, and MPO connectors.