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Dental X-Ray Fiber Optic Plate(dxFOP)

Dental X-Ray Fiber Optic Plate(dxFOP)

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Dimension(mm) \ Numerical Aperture \ Fiber Diameter(um) \ QTY(moq)
  • High Resolution (up to 228lp/mm)
  • Protect intra-oral sensor from Xray Damage
  • Absorb Stray Light and Improving SNR

Dental Xray Fiber Optic Plate (dxFOP) can be used as the input window ensures high image quality and long sensor life even under exposure to X-rays.

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  • Single Fiber diameter

    Smaller fiber size means higher resolution. (2.5um = 218lp/mm , 6um = 114um )

    • 2.5um
    • 3um
    • 4um
    • 6um
  • Maximum Size (Diagonal)

    Production cost will increase sharply once diagonal surpass 130mm. If you need a bigger size, please contact us.

    • Max. size Φ200mm
  • Thickness

    With a larger size of FOP, the minimum thickness required will also go up in order to maintain the structure. Usually thickness will go around 1mm - 3mm.

    • Minimum 0.2mm
  • EMA Absorber

    EMA are special fibers insert in-between the standard fibers. They are using to absorb stray light between fibers. But at a cost of lowering the overall transmission.

    • Interstitial
    • Without
  • Numerical Aperture

    Numerical Aperture are decided by the material using to produce the FOP.

    • NA = 1.0
  • Wavelength

    sFOP are produced from multi-component glass. Which has the highest transmission in VIS to NIR range. For UV application, other material will be used.

    • 400 - 1350nm
  • Transmission

    Tested a sFOP of 5mm thickness, with EMA absorber, collimated light.

    • 70% - 78%
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dim=25.5x18.9x1 \ NA=1 \ fiber dia=6 \ QTY=5pcs
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dim=30.6 x 20.7x1 \ NA=1 \ fiber dia=6 \ QTY=5pcs
dim=30.6 x 20.7x1 \ NA=1 \ fiber dia=6 \ QTY=5pcs
$317.00/ea $0.00
dim=36.0x26.1x \ NA=1 \ fiber dia=6 \ QTY=5pcs
dim=36.0x26.1x \ NA=1 \ fiber dia=6 \ QTY=5pcs
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Intra-Oral Radiology Sensor

Caesium Iodide scintillator with column-like micro-structures that preserve image quality; intercepts the X-ray beam and converts it into visible light. The Fibre Optics Plate collimates the radiation onto the sensor and protects it against X-ray penetration. The CMOS acquisition device and the electronics convert the light into a high definition digital image.


Resolution of dxFOP (6um & 114lp/mm)

dxFOP under microscope