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1d Fiber Array (1dFA)

1d Fiber Array (1dFA)

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  • Fiber Types

    Multimode Fiber (Customizable)

    Step Index

    • LOW-OH MM (250-1200nm )
    • HIGH-OH MM( 400-2500nm )

    Graded Index

    • upon request

    Singlemode Fiber

    • upon request

    Polarization-Maintaining Fiber

    • upon request

  • Fiber Profiles

    Core Diameter

    • from 6um to 250um

    Numerical Aperture (depends on fiber type)

    • 0.1 - 0.5

    End Polishing

    1. Physical Contact (PC)
    2. Angled Physical Contact (APC)
  • Termination Processing (3 Variants)

    We have below technique for terminations of fiber arrays.

    • V-Groove
    • Fused or Glued
    • Fan-Out Connectors

  • V-Grooves (1/3)

    Typical Pitch Between Grooves:

    • 127um / 250um

    Typical Grooves Counts:

    • 2 - 128 Grooves


    A V-groove is a V-shaped groove that is used to align and position optical fibers on a substrate. A fiber array is a device that consists of multiple optical fibers arranged in a linear or two-dimensional pattern.

  • Fused and Glued Termination (2/3)

    Spacing Between Fibers Cores:

    • 5%-10% of the Fiber Core Size

    e.g: fiber with 60um core will have a spacing around 63~66um

    Fibers Counts:

    • 10 - 512 fibers


    Fused and Glued fiber offer higher flexibility than V-Grooves, the fiber array can be packed even more densely.

  • Fan-Out Connector Options (3/3)

    • FC Connectors
    • LC Connectors
    • MPO Connectors
    • SMA Connectors
    • Bare Fibers