Fast Readout of Multi-channel Detectors by using a CMOS camera


Shayduk, M., Mirzoyan, R., Polyakova, A., Schweizer, T., Lorenz, E., Teshima, M., Falkone, A., & Vassiliev, V. (2009). Fast Readout of Multi-channel Detectors by using a CMOS camera. Proceedings of the 31st ICRC, Łódź 2009, 1-4.

  • multichannel detectors
  • fast readout
  • Cherenkov telescopes


A new readout system for multi-channel detectors uses a CMOS camera to photograph optical signals generated from photo sensor readings, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional ADC systems.


This article proposes a new readout system for multi-channel detectors, particularly relevant for instruments used in ground-based gamma-ray astronomy like the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA).
  • The system aims to address the challenges of high channel counts and event rates in future detectors, offering a cost-effective and compact solution.
  • It works by converting analog signals from light sensors into optical signals, which are then transmitted through fiber optic cables bundled into a plate.
  • A high-speed CMOS camera captures the optical signals, effectively taking a rapid "photograph" of the event.
  • A key component is the Gated Image Intensifier, acting as a fast optical shutter to precisely control the exposure time and optimize signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Initial tests of the prototype system demonstrated promising feasibility.
  • The performance was primarily limited by the CCD camera used in the test setup.
  • Future tests will employ a faster CMOS camera for improved results.
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