Fiber optic image transfer assembly and method of using

Fiber optic image transfer assembly and method of using


The provided text does not offer a standard bibliographic citation for the article "Fiber optic image transfer assembly and method of using." However, the document does indicate this text comes from United States Patent Melville USOO6205275B1, which was filed on June 22, 1998 and published on March 20, 2001. 


  • Fiber Optic Tapers
  • Fiber Optic Guides
  • Image Transfer Assemblies
  • Computer Display
  • Instrument Panel


This article describes a method and apparatus for transmitting an image from a computer display to a remote location using a fiber optic guide and one or more fiber optic tapers. 


This patent describes a system using fiber optic technology to transmit images from a computer display to an instrument panel, primarily for simulation purposes. The system uses fiber optic tapers to shrink and enlarge the images, and fiber optic guides to transmit them between the display and the panel. This allows for flexible and accurate simulation of instruments, overcoming limitations of traditional computer display methods.


  • Flexible Instrument Placement: The fiber optic guides allow for flexible arrangement of the simulated instruments on the panel, regardless of their positions on the computer display.
  • Accurate Instrument Representation: The system allows for accurate simulation of instrument size and position, even when surrounded by other equipment. It also improves off-angle viewing compared to traditional displays.
  • Efficient Use of Displays: The flexible arrangement allows for efficient use of display space, potentially reducing the number and size of computer displays required.
  • Cost-Effective Prototyping: This approach offers a less expensive way to prototype and refine instrument panel designs compared to using real instruments.

Additional Features:

  • Image Manipulation: By using different taper sizes, the system can compress, magnify, or maintain the resolution of the transmitted images.
  • Wide Applicability: While focused on aircraft instrument panels, the technology is applicable to various simulation and control panel applications.

Note: While the patent focuses on simulation, it suggests potential for use in functional control and instrument panels as well.


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