FA: V-Groove

Fiber Array in V Groove

A V-groove is a V-shaped groove that is used to align and position optical fibers on a substrate. A fiber array is a device that consists of multiple optical fibers arranged in a linear or two-dimensional pattern. A V-groove fiber array is a type of fiber array that uses V-grooves to hold the fibers in place and ensure precise alignment.

Advantages of using V-Groove:

  • It can achieve precise and consistent alignment of optical fibers, which reduces the connection loss and improves the performance of optical devices.
  • It can accommodate different types of fibers, such as single-mode, multimode, or ribbon fibers.
  • It can create flexible and lightweight optical fiber imaging devices that can be used for medical, industrial, or astronomical applications.

We may need V-groove fiber arrays for various applications in optical communication, optical imaging, and detection systems. For example, V-groove fiber arrays can be used to couple light between fibers and planar lightwave circuits (PLCs), fibers and lens arrays, or fibers and detectors.