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Hirano, Masahiko. "IN Vivo Visualization of Hippocampal Cells and Dynamics of Ca2+ Concentration During Anoxia: Feasibility of a Fiber-Optic Plate Microscope System for in Vivo Experiments." Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, 2014.


  • hippocampal cells
  • Ca2+ concentration
  • anoxia
  • fiber-optic plate microscope system
  • in vivo experiments


The concentration of Ca2+ in the cells of the hippocampus was measured using a microscope.


The low acid load and the intracellular Ca2 concentration in the hippocampus and the abnormal ratio of the female stone to 27 are higher than the V stone under the whitening machine. The research on the depth of the brain of Guhai Ma Li by Jijia 72 machine was carried out by Inch Shi Erqi Office White, and the sectioned sample of Xingji Haima was extracted downward and machine V: large. For the animal, the individual dragon was born under seventy-seven hearts. The stone-shaped bear was born in the heart of the dragon. The surface method of the second body was used to observe the heart, and the direct observation of the tissue inside the V organ was carried out. The Ca2+ concentration in the cells of the hippocampus was determined using a microscope. Determination in test and large.

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