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MCP Assembly(MCPa)

MCP Assembly(MCPa)

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*This product need customization, and unit price start from $2500
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  • Object to Detect?

    • Ions (+/-)
    • Electron

    You will not need a Photocathode to convert photon into electrons.

    • X-ray

    CsI as the Photocathode

    • Photons

    What is the wavelength of your photon?

  • Type of Detection

    • Time of Flight

    Single Anode

    • Total Amount of Target

    Single Anode

    • Position Detection

    Anode Array

    • Image

    Phosphor Screen

  • What's the Gain range you need?

    Stacking more MCP will give you a higher gain.

    • 1 MCP ~ 10^3
    • 2 MCP ~ 10^6
    • 3 MCP ~ 10^7 ~ 10^8
  • Related to TOF and Counting Readout

    • Dark Current
    • Pulse Width (FWHM)
    • Detection Efficiency
  • Regarding to Image Readout

    • Resolution

  • Packing of the MCP

    • Opened MCP assmebly (without Flange0
    • Sealed MCP assembly (with CF Flange)
  • Input Windows

    Commonly, we provide below options:

    • Quartz Window
    • MgF2 Window

    More about Input Windows >

  • Photocathode

    Photocathodes are specifically designed to convert light (photons) into electrons. If the input is already in the form of electrons, this conversion step is unnecessary.

    More about Photocathode >

  • MCPs (Stacking)

    Inside a MCP detector, 1-3 MCPs can be stacked together.

    More about MCP >

    More about MCP Stacking >

  • Readout

    Single Anode

    • For High-speed signal readout


    • Position Detection

    Phosphor Screen

    • For Optical Imaging Output, P20 and P43 is available.

    More about Anodes >

  • Housing

    We can ship the assembly with below 2 format:

    1) without vacuum flange

    You need to specify the pore and external dimension of the assembly. Or you can request a template from us based on the application.

    2) with vacuum flange

    You need to specify the Flange you are using in the system. It should be something like CF100,CF50 etc..

  • Power Supply

    You will need a multi-channel and tunnable High Voltage Supply for power up the MCP.

    An example of the HV product is:

  • Wiring

    There are usually 3 lead (connector on the MCP assembly). Which is Input, Output and Signal Output.

    You will need to create a desire voltage difference between Input and Output.

    And a Voltage Gap between Input(Ouput) and Signal output.

    You will need at least 2 channel for powering the MCP assembly in most cases.

  • Replace the Old Assembly

    Each MCP assembly may have different configuration. Switching supplier may cause issue for recurrent the result.

  • Replacing the MCP

    You may ship you previous MCP assembly to us, we can replace the MCP and ship back the unit to you. But you will still facing issue for recurring your previous result.

  • New Design

    The most preferred situation is you do the design based on our MCP assembly. We can fully customize based on your need. Which may cause less issue to your system in the long run.

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MCP Assembly(MCPa)
MCP Assembly(MCPa)
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